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With artisanal precision and passion for the excellence,
Galliano Cimolai carries on the tradition of light carpentry


Professionality and passion

” We transform steel in into tailored works of art since over a century.”

Cimolai Galliano is a company that carries out light metal carpenrty work for third parties, which boasts a history of over One century, beyond an important presence in the province of Pordenone, with a specific attitude in the furniture and furnishing sector.

Over a century of experience has shaped the company’s DNA towards consultancy, in the respect of timescales and budgets, developing a tailor-made approach to customer needs.

Over the years we have distinguished ourselves for innovation and avant-grade in processing techniques and tools, responding efficently to market needs and, at the same time, maintaining a strongly artisanal imprint.

Today we’re a work center specialized in medium-light carpentry. We offer increasingly high-performances and innovative solutions, we accept the most complex challegnes to create projects and products in harmony with our partners.


5 good reasons to choose us


Our lean and agile structure is designed to be within reach of every need, ensuring a no-frills approach and fluid project management.


Our philosophy is based on efficency and effectiveness, always placing customer requests at the center with professionalism and dedication, guaranteeing high quality and timely resluts.


Thanks to our internal specialization and the versatility of our processes, we are able to adapt to the most different challenges and offer tailor-made solutions for every need, standing out for our operational flexibility.


We costantly invest in cutting-edge and high-performance machinery, adopting the latest technologies in the light carpentry sector, to guarantee precise, reliable and innovative results.


Our profession is the result of a tradition passed down with pride from generation to generation, fueled by our incessant passion for artisanal work and the constant desire to reach new goals of excellence in the sector.


Besides carpentry: we take care of every detail to satisfy all your needs


Reliable collaborations allow us to offer a wide range of tailor-amde finishes, guaranteeing impeaccable results that satisfy different needs.


The organisation of transport and agreed deliveries ensure an efficient management of the supply chain.


To guarantee the quality of our products we have obtained ISO:9001 certification


We offer a customized packaging service that protects and enhances your products, perfectly adapting to your logistics and branding needs

We create value

We believe in the future of the planet and in sustainability of production processes.

iso 9001:2015

The ISO 9001 standard defines the minimum requirements that the Quality Management System of an organization must demonstrate that it meets to ensure the level of product and service quality that claims to possessi with itself and with the market.

contribution por fesr

Expenditure allowed € 719.780,00 – Granted contribution € 175.517,02

Expenditure allowed € 719.780,00 – Granted contribution € 40.416,98


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