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Almost two centuries of experience in the field of medium/light metal carpentry.

Fontanafredda, 1830.  Our great great grandfather Cimolai, a local blacksmith, decided to establish his own factory to provide a service to a rapidly developing territory. He began with the production of components for wagons and trailers, horseshoes and iron railings, going on to specialise in metal carpentry while maintaining the structure of a family business.

Over almost two centuries of experience, Cimolai Galliano has become an important enterprise in the province of Pordenone, distinguished as a technically advanced business that uses avant-garde tools to respond efficiently to market needs while maintaining an artisan flair resulting from the passing down of traditional skills through the generations.

Over the years our family has never wavered from its will not to extend to third parties the ownership of the company, now specialising in processing iron, steel, aluminium, copper and brass. 

Our business boasts a high level of industrialisation because we constantly invest in cutting-edge production technologies and in organising and managing the production cycle, with a highly qualified technical team to the fore in customer relations.

We make sure specifications and production times are observed in order to provide the customer satisfaction guaranteed by our ISO 9001 certification, and ensure protection in terms of the environment and safety.

The products we make are of the highest quality and our avant-garde process optimisation guarantees fast, punctual delivery and an important economic advantage for our customers.

We work with our customers’ ideas and drawings, providing engineering competences to give customers tailor-made solutions for products perfectly in line with everything they require.

People before things




Sara Cimolai

Engineering Dept.

Loredana Alessio


Rosaria Trombello


Michele Pradella

Production Manager

Giacomo Tiveron


Angelo Sedonati

Welding robot operator

Fabio Sanson



Nicola Musicco and Claudiu Ionut Matei