Job organisation, technological innovation, production flexibility.
Cimolai Galliano meets all your needs for any kind of processing and guarantees top quality for your products.

Sheet metal laser cutting

A qualified engineering department staffed by highly trained operators using precision tools ensures there is no limit to the shapes of sheet metal Cimolai Galliano can cut by laser…

Tube laser cutting

At Cimolai Galliano we specialise in cutting and processing tubes and profiles.  We use 2D and 3D systems to create any shape the customer requires…

Sheet metal bending

Cimolai Galliano is renowned for its experience in sheet metal bending.  We have the ability to bend stainless steel, iron, aluminium, copper and brass…


Welding is undoubtedly one of the most frequent operations in metalworking. Cimolai Galliano is able to ensure attention to details and excellent results for any project…

Additional processes

Cimolai Galliano can also provide several additional processes, i.e. operations to complete a job so that it can be defined ‘finished’.

Drills, shears and benders are just some of the tools used for drilling or flaring, and we can meet all requirements for cutting and bending.